The Project

In the south of Poland is the small town of Oświęcim. When Poland was captured by the Nazis, this town was given the infamous German name … Auschwitz. Close to the town is a small village known in Polish as Brzezinka, known in German as Birkenau. It was here that a slave labour camp was built by the Nazis in late 1941.  This was to become the largest killing centre in the entire Nazi regime.

About 600 metres from Auschwitz Birkenau is a small plot of ground that has been purchased by the Fountain of Tears Foundation. Rick Wienecke has been commissioned and, on this land, one day, there will be a building housing a full-sized replica of the Fountain of Tears.

The land is close to what was the original selection point for Jewish Deportees. This place is known as the “Juden Rampe” and it was in regular use up to the spring of 1944.  During 1944, however, the Nazis built a railway extension to bring deportees directly into Birkenau under that iconic watchtower. The purpose of this extension was to kill with much greater efficiency the many 100,000s of Jewish deportees that arrived from Hungary.

Understandably, there is a 500 metre building exclusion zone around the camp. The plot of land purchased by the Foundation, however, is in an area where new houses can and are being built.

Lawyers and Architects have been appointed and when the plans are finalised, they will be submitted for approval. The project involves a small two story building, which will be the entrance to the Fountain with a small apartment above. The back of the building will be extended to house the Fountain of Tears and other displays.

There will be no signs and no advertising. It will be a place of reflection, prayer and comfort for those who mourn – for those who continue to cry their tears in Birkenau. And we are just at the beginning of this amazing journey. We are looking to the Lord for guidance and direction. For further information, click on the video below:


The Plans

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Birkenau Site Plan (Version 3)



Birkenau Floor Plans (Version 3)