Project description

Panel 2


2nd Panel

Today you will with me in Paradise

This panel represents the dialogue of Jesus and the two thieves that were crucified on either side of him. Three men are speaking and responding in their last minutes of life. One thief to his left demanding if Jesus is the Messiah King that he save him from this death but the thief’s cry is in the form of a curse. The left hand of Jesus is turned down almost a show of disappointment. The other thief somehow recognizes righteousness in Jesus and is asks to be remembered when Jesus comes into his kingdom. This pulls the heart of the figure crucified towards this prayer that was more like a blessing, he is reaching to give life in the last moments before death.

The figure representing the Holocaust is hearing this conversation, and with a raised hand is drawn to the promise of life seeing himself in the thief that cries out to God in the last minutes of life. But his other hand lowered directed toward the other second thief recognizing that this could also reflect him in the last moments of life cursing God for the death that was swallowing him.