Project description

RIck Wienecke
Panel 1


1st Panel

Father forgive them, they know not what they do

The figure representing Jesus is making a declaration. His head is straight forward and intentional. He, in these words, is creating a covenant of forgiveness. His hands, even though nailed, are open, giving out to all that can and will receive. The figure representing the Holocaust is turned in toward the stones. In the fountain, the six pillars of stone separating each of the seven panels symbolize the six million who perished during the Holocaust. The figure is leaning into the perished, he struggles with this word of forgiveness. He clutches his chest. If this is a covenant of forgiveness, it means he has to receive but to also give out forgiveness. How could he forgive the perpetrators, the killers of those who died instead of him? He is attached to them, interwoven with them. His greatest fear, if he forgave would the perished be forgotten?