No Delays

Picture 1Regarding the building in Birkenau that will one day house the Fountain of Tears, the word that we received was that there would be no delays and this is the way it is working out. One of the amazing facts is that this winter in Poland has been relatively mild. In other words, the weather has not slowed down the work at all. We are reminded that our God is the God of all creation and, most certainly, he is in charge of the weather.


Through the generous help of many volunteers, from Poland, Vermont and Germany, not only are the external walls largely constructed but now there is a beautiful roof. A local professional Polish steel welder came with his crew while at the same time a crew of experienced Germans arrived with equipment and their own truck, complete with hydraulic crane for lifting the heavy wooden beams.

Picture 2

The two groups worked in harmony side-by-side to create a very strong and impressive roof. While he was in North America, Rick followed along with the work daily keeping in contact by Skype. Thank the Lord for today’s technology, and thank you to all who have helped to make this happen.



And so, without delay, the building is taking shape. To see an updated video of progress, take another look at the Project page on this website by clicking here.Picture 5



Geoff Barnard May 13, 2015 Updates